French boat builder Archambault Yachts, have been internationally renowned for their racing yachts for over 50 years

Archambault Yachts have recently announced that they are now under new ownership and have modified and added to their range of models.

52 year old French entrepreneur Gilles Caminade, purchased the Archambault business in November 2012 in cooperation with the Archambault family, including Emmanuel Archambault as General Manager.

Caminade is now not only the CEO of Archambault, but has been a passionate Archambault A35 owner for the last 6 years as well as owning successful French construction group, GCBTP.

Caminade and his crew on 'Chenapan' are humble with their performance, but they actually finished second place in the 2012 Fastnet race. "Even though we are not professional sailors, we are hoping to finish one place better in 2013" Caminade says.

The new Archambault company is also planning to do better this year after being financially reinforced along with the announcement of some revisions to existing designs plus one brand new design, including:

  • A27 - very sleek looking and fast sailing day boat.
  • A31 - new rudder design now available.
  • A35 R - refined version of the successful A35 tiller steered race boat with completely new cabin top layout, new keel, new rudder, and new sail plan for improved IRC performance.
  • A35 RC - Same hull, deck, keel and rudder as the A35 R, but with twin wheels and a modern comfort down below suited to social racer or cruiser/racer market.
  • A13 - Brand new 43' design, built as either a lightweight IRC inshore/offshore racer or comfortable cruiser/racer. Includes carbon rig, with tiller or twin wheel option.

By producing boats on demand at a reasonable price, Archambault can adapt each boat they build to suit to the customer's demand, including a pure racer to a more comfortable interior or deck layouts.

In addition to the new company structure and new boats announced, Archambault are in the process of restructuring the distributor's network by choosing national and state dealers that are well known for their technical and fast sailing abilities and their capacity to provide excellent service to customers for the long term.