Ropes & Rigging

Our sister company, Hemisphere Rigging Services, specialises in all things above deck to make yachts faster, safer and more fun.

The masts for the Archambault fleet have been given as much thought as the design of the boats themselves. There are 2 suppliers of masts to the Archambault range, AXXON and SOROMAP.

AXXON COMPOSITES with their production methods and attention to detail are developing as one of the leading carbon fibre producers in the world. With a number of successful boats using their masts, the build quality and structural quality of AXXON masts is a natural choice for the Archambault fleet.

SOROMAP are producers of high quality light-weight alloy masts. They are known for being among the lightest yet strongest alloy rigs without the expense of carbon fibre. Soromap rigs have been supplied to the Archambault fleet for many years and have enjoyed many successful wins all over the world.

Our sister company Hemisphere Rigging Services is one of the UK agents for AXXON composites and the UK agent for Soromap masts.

Rope is as important as the sails on the boat when it comes to reliability and performance. This is why we have chosen Southern Ropes from South Africa to supply the ropes to the Archambault fleet in the UK.

Southern ropes have invested heavily in the latest technology to produce high specification cores and covers to the highest of standards. Our sister company Hemisphere Rigging Services has been involved in the trial process of the new rope development and has been working with Southern Ropes since they were involved with Dee Caffari’s original single handed round the world race, Aviva Challenge, on the 72 ft Challenge yacht.

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