The A13 has been designed as a pure IRC 43' inshore and offshore racer IRC racing in mind!

HOWEVER, having given more thought the designers Joubert and Nivelt along with Archambault have designed 4 versions of the brand new A13:-

  • The A13 Cruiser,
  • The A13 IRC comfort racer,
  • The A13 IRC racer
  • The A13 stripped down racer.

Whatever your preference the A13 has the flexibility in the design to suit your needs and she looks good too.

With open cockpit; tiller or double wheels options; seats and protection for offshore racing; flush deck in front of the mast for easy maneuvering; carbon mast, boom and spreaders and an extensive list of options owners are able to specify a yacht the matches their exact needs. 

This high performance yacht comprises:

  • 6.3 to 6.7 T, allowing planning at 60° from 12 Kts wind and at 120° from 15 Kts wind. IRC TCC between 1.16 and 1.18.
  • Up to date sail trimming with direct mainsail sheet and transverse jib traveler.
  • Symmetric or (and) asymmetric spinnaker fittings.
  • Racing interior with volume for offshore racing.
  • Twin navigation seats allowing comfortable and efficient windward position for the navigator.
  • Windward position for 6 crew inside.